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The Lodge for Past Masters of Lodges in Leeds and surrounding districts, where new friendships can be developed and knowledge and understanding of Freemasonry can be extended.

Founded as an Association in 1904 with the Objective of providing Freemasons with a sound base of knowledge about the Masonic Order that they had joined.

The Association became a Lodge in 1963 and remains today committed to that original objective of spreading knowledge by providing a series of high quality Lectures by well respected Brethren.

ALL PAST MASTERS, are entitled to become members of the Lodge and so participate in the life of the Lodge and it's further development.

ALL MASTER MASONS, being members of recognised Craft Lodges at home or abroad, are most welcome to come along as visitors to our Lodge.


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Proudly Hosted
The Prestonian Lecture 2019

'English Freemasonry
during the 
Great War'

W. Bro. Mike Karn

Thursday 19th September 
Castle Grove, Leeds. 


From 1904 through to 1997, the Lodge printed a volume of all of it's proceedings on an Annual basis. 
Those 600 lectures, articles and many other items of interest are available on the Transactions page for your perusal.

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The 2019 Prestonian Lecture 
'English Freemasonry during the Great War'
(Left to Right) R.W. Provincial Grand Master David S. Pratt, W. Bro. Mike Karn (Prestonian Lecturer 2019), W. Bro. Denis M. Newton (Worshipful Master), W. Bro. Ian N. E. Lewis APGM.
19th September 2019
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W. Bro. Denis M. Newton was Installed by W. Bro. Ramesh Khetani
The W. M. gave his inaugural lecture 'The Noble Cushion'
23rd May 2019
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Meeting at Castle Grove Masonic Hall, Headingley at 6.30pm on the thrid Thursday of March, May (Installation), September and November.
There is no darkness but ignorance -  W. L. Wilmshurst
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