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19th Sept 2019The PRESTONIAN LECTURE 2019
'English Freemasonry during the Great War'.
W Bro. Mike Karn
21 Nov 2019
'Freemasonry and the Press
The Prestonian Lecture 2013'.
W Bro Dr Paul Calderwood
March 2020Masonic Cyphers and Codes
W Bro Tony Costello 
May 2020
Inaugural Lecture will be ‘The Old Charges of Masons – what are they – their relevance – their content – the involvement of this Province in their preservation’.
September 2020 ‘What challenges are facing UGLE and how is it addressing them and the expectations of the members’.
RW. Bro. Sir David Wootton,
Assistant Grand Master

November 2020
To be confirmed
‘The Rosslyn Hoax – have Freemason and the public been victims of a massive hoax – has the Chapel been changed to make if Masonic?’.
Bro. Robert Cooper, Curator of the Grand Lodge of Scotland Museum and Library
March 2021TBAW Bro David Harrison 
May 2021


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